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Ah, that means you might be gaining unfair advantage by pulling the string. I shall see to it that the next BFTA meeting has an item on the agenda to change the rules, thus preventing string pulling from any other use apart from resetting targets. rather like the current bag and sling situation, methinks.

Dave, the chrono will be an historic irrelevance by then. Either every gun will have its own chrono built in like the Airwolf, set up with a wireless dongle to report every shot to the hauptgruppenshootfuhrer, or every pellet will be tracked in real time by hi-res GPS which will determine - but keep secret from you - the distance to target to the nearest millimetre. Speed being distance divided by time, you are stuffed by the technology.

Think of it, no more pretending to use the stopwatch, no more squeezing pellets, there'll be no bluddy fun left at all.
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