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Originally Posted by chloe View Post
Did you just call Princess Leia a bird in a gold bikini ?
Why is Val MFTA and Dowry Hill round your house watching telly with you and talking Star Wars ?
How the mighty have fallen , glad we are all PC at Castle.
Happy New Year Chloe and Alan
Sorry - I don't do PC. I'm English
Excuse me. "we are all PC at Castle." Isn't Castle the club which Mr Daniels [bless his cotton socks] belongs to ?? Have I missed something here.

Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
Only thing you need to know about Dowry is the car parking is tighter than a wet sock on a pump handle.
The mind boggles.
If you allow it to.

So it's best to leave the car in Leicester, and catch the Park & Ride out to Dowry ?

I've just looked up Star Wars/Return of the Jedi & Princess Leia on Google.
Now I'm as confused [sorry, bewildered] as Conor.
Why all the fuss about guys wearing baby-grows, goblins with green sticks, and a girl with hair-do which makes her look as if she has ear muffs on ??

And I thought buying an air rifle was going to provide me with some relaxation.
This is all your fault Mr Page.
You're only young once - so it's best to make it last for the whole of your lifetime.
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