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Originally Posted by stillwater View Post
Plink plink a sight that rips of data from other sites.
IMHO best thing to do is avoid it like the plague and stick to the club/series sites where the info is free to see without having to give up your email address.
I would advise all clubs/ series organisers to follow the DMHS route and ask for your data to be removed.
I'm not sure that I see your point on this. What is ********** doing that diminishes anything the clubs / series are doing?
I already record my results in my own designed spreadsheet, but as far as I can see it isn't as effective or revealing (ie, as useful) as **********.
I am happy for ********** to harvest and process my scores for me ... unless there's a catch somewhere - other then personal embarrassment - that I'm missing. Please tell me if there is!

And by my understanding, if data has been published in a public forum then it becomes public, and therefore able to be used by other people.