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Default theory

Originally Posted by Akita View Post
Whats the optimal distance for the cone?
Ive got a UK Niel slip on and the gap is about 4mm
as those that believe have said you have to apparently experiment to find a sweet spot - if you can....

I believe the theory is that if the ring at the head of the pellet is just on the cusp of entering the cone just before the tail of the pellet has left the barrel crown then no air can enter the cone as it is blocked by the pellet and as the tail of the pellet leaves the crown of the barrel the air can only be stripped outwards and so not then interfer with the remaining passage of the pellet through the cone and on to target - could this length be 4mm by any chance?

so if you follow that theory I suppose the ideal distance is the length measured from the head outer diameter to the end of the pellet tail, i assume the length of the pellet will be slightly different as it leaves the barrel but not sure by how much?

all of that said I remain unconvinced about them as "strippers" but their weight can make a difference to the barrel harmonics, when I have played with breaks/strippers I found the biggest differences were found between different weight strippers, the actual position of the cones making next to no difference - but it did vary from rifle to rifle and having only tried a couple of strippers an 3 or 4 rifles the effcts were slightly differnt so it could be that some rifles love 'em - testing is the fun bit

moving the cone did seem to make a difference to the muzzle crack so they were doing something but accuracy was little effected

one intersting observation is a lot of top end target rifles (admittedly 6ft-lb) have a simple bigger diameter tube some with cuts/holes to make them into a break, my most accurate rifle has a simple break with no holes just a "tube" in effect
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