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Default Will do

Originally Posted by wagger 52 View Post
Glad ya got sorted , give us a update when uv had a play
Yup will do . i wil go through it from A to Z . now i am only guessing but could it be that the shooters who got the first ones were expecting too much ? we are a nich sport . small but perfectly formed . we require more from our scopes than even the hardest shooting comps the world over . even the army snipers whose lives depend on it do not ask what we do as shooters . we expect our scopes to be not only reliable in all weathers . 10 and 12 below zero to 90 above . rain ,snow ,hail , mist . and we still expect em to range to a yard . yes i know these scopes were upwards of 2000 when new . but that is a BIG ask . i know gary will say " i told you so " if i fall flat on my arse . but gonna be fun trying ??? HOLLY

PS talking of heat . in a Fenlands shoot years back . it was stinking hot . so hot i had drank all my water 4 lanes in . jacket discarded . it was so hot that when i turned up for the shoot off for third at the end . calpin had gone home . NOW THAT IS HOT ??? HOLLY
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