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Originally Posted by holly View Post
Jack it would be like giving a stadivarious to a chimp . ( no slight meant to chimps ) no jack at your stage of development . you need some thing more substantial . err like a AR 20 . .with this out fit there would no longer be any excuse for missing . ??? HOLLY

PS only joking jack
I'm deeply hurt Holly. How could you be so cruel ?? I'm mortally wounded even.
But then maybe this chimp would be able to spell the instrument designer & builder's name correctly

At my stage of development Holly, a catapult would probably be more appropriate than an AR20.
I no longer require an excuse for missing - I simply shrug, to my shooting partner, and we both take the miss as 'only what was expected'. It makes life so much easier. Only one score card to fill in [his]. And there's never a worry that I may get into the Golden Bunny comp. Sam takes my money and giggles all the way to the bank.

And let's be honest. What would I do with a gun with a barley twist barrel ?
I can't hit the target with a straight one.

Enjoy your rig Holly, my friend.

Have a good New Year.
You're only young once - so it's best to make it last for the whole of your lifetime.
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