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Originally Posted by hmangphilly View Post
good effort Holly,

tell us what you got...reticle etc
let us know how you get on with it ,
to start with ,finding the optical centre on the windage adjuster. ...mine was not what I expected with the v block method .
for what its worth...I like mine...
Phil you obviously don't know me . i am of the let's stick it on the rifle and get shooting brigade . i have never ever centralised a rifle . no , no . get them pellets down the range is my motto , the more the merrier . to be fair all my bull pups have some small cross over, so it just would not work . i zero on 50 yards and on the close ones aim off just a bit . yes as soon as i get it i will let you know what i think . reticle , illum ret , level bubble , ranging cold / hot . woods/ open . there is nothing like new kit to give you a lift and get you out the door , for a bit of practicing . i am sure it won't be long before i am kicking that nice woodys *** in the winter league . hardly worth him turning up . mind you , i might get my book of excuses ( borrowed off rob ) out , just in case ??? HOLLY

PS Rob wanted his book back ,but i could not find a lorry to get it back to him . hmmm hang on that might have been his wallet ?
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