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Originally Posted by Jon View Post
The wording is in 'share' when they do not apart from steel cylinder and a few o rings.
LG200/300 not a current model for over two years. New current models wont fit.
By the time added cylinder, grip set, zero shift mods and rear plastic you could have the real thing and still left with that naff cocking, trigger and flexy die cast action
To be fair, these guns get a bad rap at times, and its not deserved.
As far as the naff cocking remark goes, it isn't.
As far as adding parts, you don't really need to,they are fine as they are, its just personal choice and taste.
As for the LG range being "the real thing''
They are having problems the AR's don't.
I'd take an AR over an LG any day for ease of use and being reliable.
Lofty has in fact put in some excellent scores with his, as have both Lee and myself.

Not bad for being naff
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