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Originally Posted by Bullseye basher View Post
why if these Rifles are as good as you members say they are we see very little of them in many Disciplines.
Your guess is as good as ours, but the answer has already been alluded to in this thread. They only cost 600.00 new. There's a consensus that folks feel that cheap can't be good, so the majority have ignored them. There may also be some lack of confidence as to longevity and reliability, they really haven't been about for long enough to establish either.

I read the same test as Lofty, the tester also commented that he thought Walther had shot themselves in the foot pitching this gun at the price point, I think that comment would hold more water if they'd priced it around 800.00. We might have seen a few more around too

Oh yeah, they're 'kin heavy as well.
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