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Originally Posted by Bullseye basher View Post
( they are rather crude and basic to use, and they look what they are cheap. Not something to stand back from and admire )

from what I have seen of the few that has been shown there is quite a lot of work and effort gone into producing a well usable rifle and even after customizing them they are still not near the price of the not more accurate top price rifles, after all you don't expect thing's to last just because it cost the earth.

I wonder how many steyr rifles for example are without fault.

I was quite lucky with mine, as I was working in an precision engineering company and they milled out the shroud for me. Only took the guy 15 mins to do and cost me zip.
If it's no good I have a complete spare shroud so I can put the gun back to standard trim.

The barrel has carbon wrap, cost me a whole 5 inc P&P from evilbay and the custom butt hook made by a STB member. The air stripper is a UK Neil one found on the evilbay at a bargain price and was one of the reasons for having the shroud milled out, that and I just like to have a fully floating barrel.

Have to say as well that even when I had the full shroud on I never had any POI shift that some people seemed to encounter.

A lot of Walther stock parts will fit directly to the chassis as will match triggers as the trigger bar is standard.

So far the results are great, the lock time of the AR is really quick and it's mean on air usage as well.

Next hope to change the cylinder for a lighter one, either Walther ( it's those interchangable parts again !) or a custom Titanium one with QF.

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