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Hi - Something is not right there if your vertical scale is in MOA or are they 1/4MOA clicks??. Top of flight ought to be around 30 and a good distance to set 0 since it is fairly insensitive to it being 32 or 28 yds (of course you believe everyone's zero ranges at comps, why wouldn't you hahaha). You should then find (approximately!) that 40 is 1MOA, 45 is about 2, 50 is around 3 and 55 is 4.5 or 5 MOA for most pellets/setups.

Your graph shows 10yds following the correct trend i.e. more turret clicks for close targets after raising the scope rail but 45-plus should be flatter not steeper.

You didn't run out of air did you? :-)

All the best
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