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Default The report ?

Right now here it is . scientific it is not .

1/ Rifle LG 100 , barley twist barrel , running at 780FPS with 8.4s . Benched on 20 mag . very low wind . 3 to 4 mph . range approx 50 yards . big nikko MK111 scope mil dot ret . clean barrel .

first up the Exacts 8.4s straight out of the tin . shot the rifle in and went for the groups . as usual all pellets within an inch , 15 pellets shot , only stringing was left to right . next up the lubed pellets . 8.4s .

at first no difference . then just slightly tightened up . but stringing was up and down . maybe three quarters of an inch group 15 pellets shot .

next up the exact 7.9s . now dry when i bought these i was not impressed with em . they do not weigh in consistently and for the life of me i could not get any really good groups . so i was not expecting much .
BUT no . the first ten warmers were lousy . but then when i started to group i got the best 15 shots of the day . the first ten went into a finger nail . the rest opened it up to a thumb nail . all stringing was up and down .

Conclusion . i will wash my exacts 8.4s and shoot em dry .BUT mateys if you shoot 7.9s it might just give you an edge with some light lube . i know there are some flash lubes . but a light oil i reckon is just as good . i used a tin WD 40 type lube out of a spray can . 50 pellets in a tin . two squirts was enough . lid on and gently move the tin around . back when we all used crossman prems . we would wash the pellets and dry . then put the lube on the rubber inserts of the cardboard box , top and bottom . put the pellets back in the box . big rubber band around to stop em falling out . as you moved around the pellets were gently lubed by their rubbing against the rubber inserts .

Checking the pellets , now a lot of people just shoot em and only check em as they get em out of the pellet pouch , not really a good idea . my mate peter , puts the pellets on the table , picks em up one by one . rubs the seats across a mirror to get rid of any rough bits . turns em over and rubs the heads on a cloth to lightly polish em . does that to the 50 pellets he is gonna use in the comp , plus 5 extras . as he says , if you are gonna go all that way to a comp . why throw it away for a dodgy pellet . your money , your choice .

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