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You may well be right conor . won't know ness i try . i have lubed up 50 8.4s and 50 7.9s to try tomorrow . interesting on the digital scales . the old exacts were well up and down . the new ones were within 0.2 of a grain . one thing that struck me was that it is not all that easy to spot what is a 7.9 and a 8.4 . it occurs to me that some might be saying to the chrono man 7.9 guv and using a 8.4 .digital scales are cheap why not put em on the same table as the chrono . if the BFTA is so interested in stopping any funny goings on , they might think this should be done . after all what gives a bigger advantage . using a sling or running your rifle at 815 with an 8.4 ??? HOLLY

PS 20 dry pellets to start with as a standard . then the 8.4s lubed and then the 7.9s . all exacts .

PSS one of the german lads was saying he uses LT1 on his 8 4.53s , with very good results .
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