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Originally Posted by PaulD View Post
To be honest Dave I don't think I'll be bothering I've spent so much time and effort let alone money getting the Steyr right that I doubt the FTP could better it?
Plus points for the FTP are it looks stunning both the stock and action which is a thing of beauty the trigger on the one I shot was a big improvement over the EV2 but still not in the same league as the Steyr or P70 and it did seem nicely balanced. At 1500 it's a bargain compared to the opposition (Steyr 2000! FWB 2200 plus work to make it suitable for FT)
minus points, the speed is I've been told fixed at max (11.99 FT/lbs) and only adjustable down, this is good for the idiots who risk ruining our sport by setting them up at illegal levels but not so good if you want to run express pellets at a realistic speed, the one I shot had a definite kick compared to my Steyr and servicing won't be as easy as the Steyr which is a doddle.
Besides I would have to sell the Steyr to fund it and as everyone on the planet knows about the trials and tribulations I've had wit it who would be brave enough to buy it
I'll give you 27 . 50 P paul .??? HOLLY
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