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Originally Posted by Robf View Post
On a brief perusal of the HFTA rules I can see (like other country's rules) there is stuff that needs to nailed down so the possible interpretation doesn't conflict with the intention of the rule.

For instance : 2.2 Scope accessories. Digital spirit level or wind-measuring device can be used

Does this mean anemometers can be used?

or : 4.1 Bean bags, elbow pads & knee pads
The maximum height of the bean bags must not exceed 125 mm. This is measured from the
ground to the highest point of the seat.

Like the BFTA rules, there's nothing to say you have to use just one!

4.3 Glove. Any type of glove can be used that’s support is not exceeding the wrist.

Like most gloves do? The wrist is accepted as being the bones beyond the arm.

4.3.1 The glove can’t contain steel or any stiffish material


4.4 No harnesses or belts are allowed!

Around my trousers?

I don't mean to appear to be tearing into a country's rules... that is not the purpose of the examples I show. The BFTA rules are not perfect either when scrutinised.

Indeed, there are some rules in there I like... for instance the rules being in English for international events... top marks for that one, the WFTF doesn't even dictate a common language for it's rules or communication. English is the accepted, but it's not written down anywhere...

When a sport is still developing, there will be movements to exploit loopholes to shooter's advantage. The problem comes that some practices are not accepted or thought about by one country, but may be accepted by another as their version of the sport grows.

Having been involved in the discussions about refining the BFTA's rules to aid clarification I can see that it is a bit of a nightmare to have to do this more than once for the world's rules, so it's another reason I am personally in favour of a core set of rules... however, I don't wish to see the 'flavouring' that other countries can bring to the sport removed.

We can work through all the rules one by one... but it's going to take a hell of a long time so we have them clear and agreed on.
And this from András on the American forum regarding target placement;

"About the targets & killzones:
- the minimal distance is 7 m
- 15 mm up to 20 m
- 25 mm up to 35 m
- 40 mm up to 50 m for the 16J rifles (and 40 m for the 7,5J rifles)
- standing and kneeling anywhere and any size, but usually under 40 meters
- the targets must be visible not from all, but from at least one position. That means that can be there some covered targets, which are not visible from the sitting position and they should be shot as you can manage it, kneeling or standing."
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