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Originally Posted by markm View Post
So if I went for a high mounted scope on a adjustable rail with the elevation turret set in the middle of its travel what is the ideal distance to be zeroed at ?

Would I be correct in saying 30-35 yards
30-35 yards is usually about the highest point of the pellet flight. Its up to preference to what you set it for. Some like it zeroed for 55yds using the riser blocks.

For me I set mine up for 45yds as its around the centre point of the turret when moving between the highest and lowest points on the turret. That I feel I get an even amount of turret movement.
I might also stem from when I shot old school using 7.9premiers and zeroed at 45yds I was bottom of kill for 20-40 yds, aim on at 45, just below top of kill for 50 and just above for 55yds. Pellet impact with scope then was 1" high at 30-35yds and just over 1" at 55yds
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