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Originally Posted by Suzukiphil View Post
I also received a PM from one of my 'Friends', telling me that I could be a C Grade 'Ringer'.
Now I didn't know what that meant. Could it be that I would probably finish at the back-end of the Listings? Or that I would finish the year as top of D Grade? So I asked for an explanation.
This morning I was told that a ringer is someone who fiddles his scores. In other words; a con-man.

All this sincerity makes me feel as if I've been accepted. Not for my shooting skills, you understand. I do appreciate that ........

No fear there Jack, I can vouch for the fact that you shot like a complete muppet at Greyhound
oh dear Phil looks like you have been caught hook line and sinker by master Yoder, he is actually a Jedi in training and has totally lulled you into a false sense of security wait till he starts using the force
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