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Originally Posted by Ste Hughes View Post
To be fair Airgun BBS is full of mentalists
By mentalist I assume you mean the guys is a sandwich short of a picnic and not a magician

....I follow both forums and find the BBS much more inclusive, even though it does house a few "characters", for me, it's positive is that its just too big with such a broad membership that it doesn't suffer from the same clique domination that this forum does - IMO

Having said that, the core of this forum houses some seriously knowlegable shooters I ususllay ask fun stuff on the BBS and serious stuff on here
...the statements, opinions and comments in the post above are from someone who has never won anything and probably never will, just an enthusiastic air gunner, for those here who only place value in the opinions of winners - move along to the next post ... LL MRE
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