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Default Mega ftp

I used my FTP today for the first time and must say i am well chuffed. 10 shot string at start, middle and end with an 8fps variation over the 30 shots.
The stock fits like a glove you can do anjything you want with it.The butthook i would say is better than the one on my EV2 (anshutz4765) as it does the job just aswell but doesnt get in the way. And as i have never had a palm shelf before its surprising how much difference it makes again a very welcome addition.
Shot about 50 pellets through it and it was ok (20mm group@ 50 yards in 2" crosswind). Cleaned the barrel which was stinking dirty it took 7 wet vp90 patches, then a dry patch then a cleaning felt. I then done a group at 50 yards again at 12mm which i dont think ive even done before
I then had a go standing, 40 yards inch kill, 3 times on the bounce. At first it appears a little front heavy but when shooting it, for me its pretty much the perfect balance.
Only problem is; as its all gone so well today its only downhill from here!!!
Question to all owners; How do you miss with an FTP 900???
To those interested i will post more when i use use it next!
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