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Default A Warm Welcome

Yesterday, Sun 22nd, I went up to Anston. To pick up a scope I'd bought from Steve.
I arrived at about 8:20am, and before Steve; and approached the signing-on cabin.
And what a welcome I received.
Calps, Simon, Paula and so many others greeted me in a manner which immediately made me feel that I belonged [and had done so for years]. Even the lady in the Burger Van looked as if she remembered me. [even if it was only as the pillock who can't stand up straight long enough to take a cup of hot tea from her. ]
I chatted to John from Newton Aycliffe, who introduced himself. Nice to meet you John.

As a relative newcomer to the sport, I can tell you that it is a very good feeling.

So thank you, to all at Anston yesterday.
I'd been invited to shoot at Castle, otherwise I would have gladly stayed and shot the course. That would have provided some amusement for the 'Saturday-night-hung-over-on-Sunday-morning' members.

So having collected my scope, I duly made my way 25 miles down the M1, to Castle.
And a similar thing happened. Another welcome - although I was told that I was too late to shoot the course as everyone was on the way round. And as Gilly pointed out, I'm so slow that they would have had to go out and find me with lanterns. Bless him. Just wait - by this time next year I'll be like a startled ferret !!
And this from a guy who misses a target that I toppled with ease at Sywell, only a week previously.
I had a good chat with the Boss.
We exchanged gifts and pleasantries.
Then it was back to the wilds of Northamptonshire for me.

During the evening, I bought some necessities for the scope from Rowan et al.

I also received a PM from one of my 'Friends', telling me that I could be a C Grade 'Ringer'.
Now I didn't know what that meant. Could it be that I would probably finish at the back-end of the Listings? Or that I would finish the year as top of D Grade? So I asked for an explanation.
This morning I was told that a ringer is someone who fiddles his scores. In other words; a con-man.

All this sincerity makes me feel as if I've been accepted. Not for my shooting skills, you understand. I do appreciate that ........

I wish all of you a good Wednesday and a brilliant New Year.
You're only young once - so it's best to make it last for the whole of your lifetime.
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