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Hello guys,

Newbie needs an advice. I recently bought Steyr lg 110 and I have Big Nikko to go on top of it. All I need now is to mount that scope in FT fashion. I've got pair of BKL mounts (11 mm) and pair of steal Weaver mounts (22 mm) , but I have no rail.

I have noticed that a lot of guys use custom rails instead of original steyr rail, so I'm seeking for some advice should I go for original Sdteyr rail and be happy about it. Are there any pros and cons related with steyr rail in particular? Or should I go custom like AJP or BP Taylor or John Harris?

My goal is no POI schifts and general reliability in long term.

Right now I used this kind of set up on my 48 years old Diana 60 which has 4,5 ft/lbs of destructive power. BKL raiser blocks plus hawke adjustable rail plus Weaver steal mounts. It works, but I prefer something more aesthetic and sturdy to go along with Steyr.

Sorry for my english, which is far from perfect
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