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Originally Posted by Ceathreamhnan View Post
What I meant was that if the laser were held in the middle and mounted side by side with the axis of the windage turret, and pointed directly at the target, then the line of the laser should follow the line of sight of the scope. So the laser would be pointed down in relation to the scope body, not held parallel (albeit not by much). It should be quite easy with a clamp of some sort.
That's why I said on the same axis as the turrets, as the point at which the scope will alter the line of sight that you see through the eyepiece would be there.
Ah.. gotcha... I was having a dim moment.. yeah that would work if you could do it.

I suppose what you could also do is turn your gun on it's side, aim at a mark on a target at 10yards and measure the horizontal distance between the mark and where your pellet struck.. then use a bit of trig to figure out the height above your barrel. Turning your gun on it's side and measuring the horizontal distance would cancel out the effect of gravity on the measurement.. I think.. I dunno, I may be having another dim moment ( I've been drinking )
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