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Well after arriving nice and early closely followed by Mr Chubb the line was moved back about 8yds, maybe not a good idea when the rain and wind came oops my bad.

The shoot was then should we say a little Tricky with a capital T, some first class shooting by Big J AKA Jacks Dad to take 1st place (all scores on count back out of 30).

1. Jason H - 19 (linx body set)
2. Doz - 17 (Trespass Mug, key light, bottle opener and whistles)
3. Chubby - 16 (Kitchen Knives)
4. Dai Mini Cooper D - 15 (Bottle Whiskey)
5. Gareth - 15 (Vouchers for Sportsgun Man)
6. Bri - 13 (Zippo hand warmer) Cheers Mr C :-)
7. Stephen - 10 Vouchers for Sportsgun Man)
8. John M - 8 (? It's a surprise)
9. Steve R - 8 (Pellets x 2 tins)
10. Phil - 6 (Vibrator yes that's correct a Vibrator)
11.Len - 5 (Hip flask and Neoprene Gloves)
12.Stuart K - 5 (Wine)

A few plates were cleanly missed today by more than a few, the 8mm 12yarder was only hit by 4 and the long 62yarder was only hit by one (good shot Len almost a dead centre hit). We also had a 25mm kill at 50yds as well as a 15mm kill at 30yds all made for some interesting shooting, nope I didn't get all of them (bugger) but good practice for the new gun and next week though.

A big thanks to all who braved the weather and the course, some great presents :-)
Steyr LG110 FT, Sightron SIIISS 10-50x60 LRIRMH
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