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Originally Posted by Mildot View Post
Sidewheel, please
I probably won't be making a sidewheel, well at least not until I've got my own printer (I'm still waiting for the FormLabs 1 to be released and reviewed by real users)

The reason is it wouldn't be significantly cheaper than the excellent sidewheels you can already buy - Jon Harris, Barry Taylor, Rowen etc.

The pricing works on total swept volume, so a 120mm sidewheel that was say 10mm thick would cost out as (3DPrint UK add 1mm to each side for clearance of other parts being printed at the same time so 120 becomes 120+1+1)

122 x 122 x 12 / 1000 x 0.10 = 17.86 ex VAT. By the time you've added vat and 6 delivery you're not far off 30 and you can buy a really nice aluminium wheel for around 50 anyway.

I'm concentrating on stuff you can't currently buy or stuff you can make much cheaper. Gemini butt hook would set you back around 370.. I reckon I can design and print all the bits for around 70.
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