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I have seen one in the flesh. We just got a show model in for the upcoming SHOT show in January. The stock is gorgeous. How they built those curves into the action is beyond me. We did not air it up but I played with the adjustments a bit and tried out the trigger. Was pleasantly surprised with the trigger. The button is a lot wider than I thought it would be, was about a 4 oz break. Looked like there was adjustment to actually swing the trigger out right or left of center which was pretty interesting to see. The stock has a much better thumb up position than the EV2 to me. And the adjustable palm shelf is a very welcome feature. New hook butt was significantly better and fit my smaller shoulder like a glove.

We are still set to get them here in the US around the end of the month. That may very well get pushed out but I am really hoping it doesn't! Definitely one I will be looking to add to my collection.

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