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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
What's the strength like Brian. Will it take the compression of the bolts on the butt plate and resist them turning?
I'm really impressed Rob, the accuracy of the print is extremely good. The aerotight nuts fit in perfectly, so well in fact that you would need to use a longer bolt to push them back out again, there's no way they'll just fall out.

I wanted the parts to be able to move but not too freely, so I designed in a 0.15mm clearance. Everything fits perfectly, the M4 cap screws, washer and aerotight nuts - all a nice tight fit exactly as I designed them.

So with very little torque on the bolt the parts are extremely solid - you'd snap the part before the hinged parts moved. I could put a fair bit of torque on the bolts before anything would snap I reckon and everything is rock solid. Much more solid than the home made aluminium butt hook I've got on my rifle at the moment.

The surface finish (as you can probably see by zooming in a bit on the photo's) is a bit like an Extra Strong mint, but this works really well for giving a bit of grip in the shoulder.

I'm so impressed with the strength I reckon I'll be able to get away with 3D printing the hook part.

I've found that the best way to colour the parts now is to use 'Rit' dye, although black ends up coming out with a very slight brown tinge to it. I feel a multicoloured 'Lego' look butt hook coming on
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