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Originally Posted by zahed2010 View Post
What program do you use to design the parts Brian?
I'm using Solidworks 2013 and Keyshot to do the rendering for photorealistic piccys.

I have very little experience of 3D design, I downloaded a series of training video's on Solidworks and it took me a couple of evenings to watch the videos (from and learn how to use it.

There's loads of training videos on YouTube for Solidworks as well. I'm getting much faster with it now, the Silencer design took me a couple of hours sat on the sofa while the other half watched some drivel on the TV - X-Factor or something dismal like that

Solidworks also comes with a flow analysis addon, so I had a play with that last night and I've altered the design to improve airflow now. Pretty cool that you can simulate air flow and get an idea about velocities.

AutoDesk Inventor gets some good reviews too. I picked Solidworks because it was very reasonably priced and I found some training videos that were also very reasonably priced too

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