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Originally Posted by Robf View Post
Wasn't another Nikko going down was it? Kev's went tu somewhere before the 35yd'er on the last lane before the 2nd section...unusual since they are so rock solid. But then I guess with that many being used so much for so long, a failure now and then isn't something unusual.

Don't sweat the error Paul... just stick it in your routine that when your going past a turn, to make a mental note and get it back down a turn as soon as you finish. Once stuff is firmly in your routine, unless your distracted, it normally sticks there. Next time you'll know you can make amends.
Thanks Rob im getting there, (slowly) Andy Fin showed me a little dodge which makes it impossible to do so thats one mistake i shouldnt make again (i hope)
Lees Nikko wouldnt dial as the reticule was sticking and he had to tap the turret to try and free it!
He ended up using hold over.
Bit of a worry as a new big Nikko is the next upgrade im thinking of to replace my Zos and as you said quite a few where giving problems over the weekend.
Nowt wrong with the Zos but if i get a Nikko i can just forget about it as for the money i wont need anything better for a long long time.
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