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It is a shame that what started off as a genuine inquiry regarding a shooter having problems with accuracy should result in what appears to be some negative comments. I do not know any of the shooters concerned, but it appears to me that some of the shooters that have had problems with their own guns are taking the opportunity to have a crack at those wishing to provide advice, often following negative comments concerning how disappointed they might be with their own guns.

I have owned a couple of Steyrs over the years and have shot many others. I would have to say that in my own experience, the guns have always been extremely accurate providing that the barrels are cleaned when required. The guns themselves appear to be very well made and are backed up by "Uncle" Harry Preston who is a decent bloke. There are also a number of regular target shooters that possess considerable knowledge of how the guns work that are more than capable of sorting out any issues of concern to the shooter.

Lets be honest, how many guns from other manufacturers out there do not experience the odd minor and sometimes major problems? Personally, I enjoy shooting a Steyr far more than any other target rifle. I just like them and they allow me to make the most of my minimal shooting talents. They are probably the most "dead" of guns to shoot when correctly set up. The only other target rifle that I enjoy shooting as much is a Sportsmatch GC2. Why? No idea really. Just like it.

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