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Hello Conor, hello paul

I can understand Paul's issue, although I do not share the challenging side of comments (sorry Paul).
Thanks conor for your very precise information and advice.

I would like to say that I cannot benchmark STEYR against any other FT gun I shot with or possessed.
I can somehow mention that passion brings to irrational comments and decisions sometimes (it seems that AA and the new FT model mastered well marketing wise).

Paul rightly mentions that STEY FT110 requires alterations : time and money. I have to say that this was at the time precisely one of the reasons why I favored it.

I appreciate the technical level of issues addressed by very knowledgeable people here, that twist issue brings a lot of interest to me, as I never managed to get hand on a study related to optimal coefficient (weight, power, surface...). FX and its twist barrel option is of interest to me.
Any of your feed back will be appreciated

thanks to both of you.
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