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Originally Posted by SDplinker View Post
tremendous work Brian. This is really the way of the future for small parts. As the technology evolves I could see more and more parts of a rifle made this way.

Have you ever ordered a part in metal? I wanted to do some harmonics testing with my Steyr with a simple tube that I could slide up and down the end of the barrel. Just a big tube - open ends, no air stripping. But a machinist wants at least $50 for this. Seems like a 3D printed part would be a piece of cake.
Hi Casey

I haven't found a cheap 3D printing service that will do metal - you'd definitely be paying more that $50 to have something printed in metal.. there are companies that will do it, you can even have stuff printed in Titanium ( if you've got deep enough pockets! ). Give it a few years and I'm sure decent quality 3D printers will be as common in the home as laser printers are now. When that happens, I'm sure the price of printing in metal through agencies will drop massively too.

You can pick up Styer barrel weights for a bit of harmonics testing - I'm sure I bought one for about 15 a few years ago from Harry Preston (Styer UK)
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