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Pellet testing...yawn
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About to embark on pellet testing in the new year. Problem is I got a few numbered batches but I shoot so infrequently that even if I find a "mega" batch who knows if still available.

I've only tried out my gun one time - it's a used LG100 but was worked up by a tuner so the barrel may or may not be original. I shot one BR match with borrowed pellets. It shot OK but seemed to have some fliers and wasn't predictable.

I've since added a 85 bar reg (it was high power before with 125 bar reg) and I'm praying something will shoot. Otherwise I will be joining the cleaning, scrubbing, recrowning crowd.

However, this famous USA tuner also glues the barrels into the action to better support them (my gun included). I'm going to assume he will only do this if the gun shoots OK. They can be gotten out but it will involve a fair application of heat from an iron.

Not sure why I do this to myself some times. Appreciate these kinds of threads though - makes me feel better to hear that others struggle with these machines
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