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Originally Posted by johnnytopshot View Post
Hi Brian

What company are you using to print your designs?
Just for fun, I designed this one piece triple stripper for a Pro Taget (to fit inside the shroud), it is a similar size to your design but the cheapest quote I could get was about 80

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That looks cool!

What gap sizes did you go for before the entrance to the cones and what diameter is the bore?
I guessed at about 5mm gap and a 4.8mm bore for the Philencer.. I think I'm going to add a series of small holes after the cone on mine. The thinking is that the air travelling over the cone will cause a bit of turbulence and an area of low pressure air on the back of the cone which I can use to draw some more air out from behind the pellet through the holes (I've yet to add).

I have no idea what the hell I'm doing of course, but it's fun to have a play with some theories
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