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Originally Posted by Charlts View Post
Looks awesome Bri, of course there's nothing against the law with you selling the plans or distributing them freely amongst people you know.
There's been a fair few press horror stories about people being able to 3D print guns which is largely just media hype and bullshit, but I guess this is a fairly interesting way to get round the law on selling silencers... All you'd need to do is send the STL file for this design to a 3D Print agency (and call it an air flow restrictor or something) and for about 24 you could have 2 of them

The thing I like most about this design is that it's printed as a single part, so you couldn't actually make this part on a CNC machine/ lathe and milling machine, you'd have to make it in several parts.

I've gone for a 4.8mm hole as a starting point (obviously .177 only ) and the internal volume would probably only suit a springer, it would need more volume for a PCP I'd imagine.

I know very little about silencer design btw, just having a play and making some assumptions (which might be wrong)
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