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Default 3D printed silencer/air stripper

My Wegu spacer came out really well.. so now I'm working on a butt hook (better and ALOT cheaper than the Gemini) and for a bit of fun I've just designed a new type of Silencer.

I wanted a silencer that also acts as an airstripper with no moving parts (like springs etc) inside. and I'm designing it specifically for the Walther LGV.

The idea (plucked from thin air with no real science behind it) is to use a variable pitch internal helix with the ratio of sectional volumes based loosely on the Golden Ratio ( Phi ). Hence my daft name for it - a 'Phi-Lencer'

I figured if it's good enough for nature, it's a good enough starting point for a silencer.

Not had it printed yet - but priced it out at about 12 to have printed (actually 8.80, but minimum order works out at 24 inc vat and delivery so if I print 2 they'll cost about 12 each).

Unfortunately I'm not allowed by law to sell them because I'd need to be an RFD, but I thought you might be interested in seeing what it looks like. I've rendered it in transparent green so you get the idea about what's inside and then in black so you can see what it'll actually look like.

It's fairly small - only 27mm diameter and about 100mm long

I just need someone with a 1/2 UNF Tap set to tap the hole for me when I get it printed. Anyone got a set of 1/2 UNF taps? - it'll need a blind tap because of the proximity of the stripper cone - the hole is already created at 29/64" (11.5mm) ready for the tap.
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