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In fact Steyr have been nickel platinf the barrels inside and out for almost 25 years. Ever since the first LP-1

They introduced this primarly because the first pistols were using CO2 gas. The quality of CO2 gas in some eastern country's within Europe at that time was very poor.

A secondary factor is that a clean rifle bore comes into contact with salt from the finger (transfered onto the pellet), there were a few early barrels suffering slight corrosion in the first few cm's from the chamber, which Steyr researched and discovered the quite harmful effect of salt through persperation and the slight release of moisture when a PCP releases the shot charge.

So the newer longer barrel was developed with a different twist rate developed with Express 7.9grn pellets. Perhaps the earliest batches of the longer barrels from 2011/2012 from Lothar Walther were giving some users some grief and some not, I know the later ones apparently don't.
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