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Originally Posted by fireblade View Post
mine has had non of the work you mentioned done to it, and was bought within days of paul d's and a few serial numbers differrent than his also, but has been run in only with just the rigorous barrel scrubbing regime, and can now last upto 400 shots before it goes ape and needs a good clean barrel.

this running in process took a long time (nearly six months), but i am a very patient man, there are many that could not handle it.

as you said, its not a rifle for pilchards ( newbies, or anyone with more money than sense )

for 2200 ( new price) it should work from the box, its not a formula 1 car, which needs to be set up for every different track, it only needs to work right on one, it's a good rifle, it just has to be run in properley before it becomes good, its just that it takes so long to do, that this will p**s some off to the point of selling it or consider packing it all in.............

i know of no other rifle that would cause that much grief .

P.S. if you got yours second hand, then your laughing, cause some other poor sod has put the hours in to sort it.
As an implied Pilchard (not sure what that means), a newbie and someone with more sense than money, I bought a new Steyr 5 weeks ago, the gun works fantastically out of the box if you can shoot!!

It is like an F1 car it needs care and attention and setting up properly, I bought my 2014 gun at 2,200 having the full knowledge that posters on here have had problems.

Like life it is a learning curve, one could buy any gun and not be able to shoot it, it has to fit you,.

My gun shoots where I point it now. Yes I sometimes point it in the wrong place, I will sort that out coz it's not the guns fault.
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