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It is interesting that Steyr have gone for this unusual barrel plating. It would have been the easiest thing in the world (and no doubt cheaper) for them to fit a standard LW barrel. They are not interested in ineffective guns.

They must be convinced that these barrels offer some benefit, perhaps even beyond corrosion resistance. As far as I know they fit barrels of this type to their pistols and they totally clean up on the 10 m scene.

I will be picking up a new 110 FT soon. I intend to shoot it for a good while before doing any meddling at all. It's the first match gun I've bought for years and I'm going to give it every chance to prove itself in standard form. I am under no particular pressure to make it work or for it to perform miracles as I have a good gun already, I will give this new thing time. If all else fails I guess I will go down the replacement barrel route but this won't be done lightly.

Alan, RE. pellets. The other FT guns I've owned in recent years (a P70 FT and a very good Ripley) have not been fussy with Exacts. In general I agree that the vast bulk of the Exact batches do group. It's my Walther that's the problem, it's so hard to understand how that gun can be so amazingly accurate with certain batches yet so fussy too.
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