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Originally Posted by PaulD View Post
I've never said I'm not a Pilchard Con, I know I'm not the best shot around but what I find unacceptable in a rifle costing almost 2000 is the fact you have to fiddle and modify them before the work acceptably? after 18months mine is now shooting fine, it should have done that from out of the box! That applies to all rifles by the way not just Steyrs
Fact is Paul, you have to admit yours has been a unique case, unheard of in fact, more than likely the cause of a dodgy valve which I told you to replace from the beginning.

The hammers don't need polished but can and often do need a clean and polish after a few tins (from new) as the grease on the trigger sears can work its way onto it.

Some try to get fps spread down from 12-15 fps to 5-10fps by polishing spring ends etc but that's purely tinkering and tweaking, not required.

I do agree the new barrels seem to be a pain, perhaps your right the harder nickle plating in the rifling is cutting into the pellets more requiring more cleaning. Or the rifling is a little shallow which leads up quicker, I don't know?
What I do know is it likes to be clean and it much prefers 7.9grn Express (the pellet the new barrel and twist rate were developed with).

Make sure the barrel is free floating, the A frame can and sometimes does touch the barrel. Remove grub screw and nylon/plastic plug and get an engineer to machine the hole out or DIY with a dremmel (like I did). This prevents POI shift in different temps and can cure a gun that doesn't seem to maintain accuracy.

So to one and all, find a decent batch and quit tinkering as after taking them apart and putting back together they can take a while to settle in again. After polishing the hammer and/or an adjustment of the hammer spring (setting your velocity) it can settle in anything up to +/-10-15fps of where you left it, polished spring end helps here

Happy plinking everyone.
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