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Personally, I think it unwise to generalise that all brand new Steyrs will require such a rigid cleaning regime to keep them on blob, as I am sure that the variance between individual barrels, not just the coatings, will have an impact if we consider the guns performance overall amongst experienced target shooters.

Whatever. I have been cleaning my own 110s barrel every couple of weeks (400 per week average pellet count,) and have been attempting to keep off cleaning it too regularly. However, at the indoor range this evening, the gun suddenly went off and required four pull throughs to once again reach its peak performance. That was after say 800 pellets, so I am reasonable happy with that as one of my mates Steyrs needs its snout cleaning after every 50 shots! The last 110 I had needed to be rodded and pasted every week to stay on song. If not done, it was shotgun city.

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