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Originally Posted by simona View Post
I think it depends on the gun Alan. I have access to a 50 yard indoor range and my Walther is terribly fussy and my HW77 seems just as accurate with every batch of Exacts that I try. This might say more about the nature of my Walther's barrel than the quality of the pellets. A couple of batches I've tried recently look superbly made and are excellent weight wise but won't group in my Walther, I can't call them bad pellets though.

Remember having the long discussion in Ireland , guess that we were lucky back then in that all the rifles we used seemed to shoot the batches Paul was sent.

Will need to see if DP or Paul chips in to remind me what we were using at the time as I can't remember all the rifles we had to play with at the time 58 does not come it self
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