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Originally Posted by Alan Chambers View Post
Back in the good old days, before the big boys shut down Air-Ammo we used to test the batches Paul would get in .
To do this we had access to 55yds indoor and were blessed to have most types of rifle to use, in all the time we did this , we only ever found one batch of JSB that I would call unusable.

Obviously some were better in some barrels than others but 99% of what Paul got in were more than acceptable,remember being there one night and someone was complaint to Paul that the sleeve he had bought was s;&e ...Davie Penman took his rifle and pellets and printed a sub1/2" group at 55 , I think we are too quick to blame equipment and miss our own shortcomings , just my tuppence worth
I think it depends on the gun Alan. I have access to a 50 yard indoor range and my Walther is terribly fussy and my HW77 seems just as accurate with every batch of Exacts that I try. This might say more about the nature of my Walther's barrel than the quality of the pellets. A couple of batches I've tried recently look superbly made and are excellent weight wise but won't group in my Walther, I can't call them bad pellets though.
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