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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
I have reduced my barrel cleaning to only felts and a couple of pull throughs a year now after having barrel problems. however both rifles are LG100's and one is barley twist. Both are quite old with the barley twist one being a ser no of only 900 ish. My barley twist barrel was throwing the odd pellet to the 1 o clock position with occasional tight groups followed by the odd open group. It took a new barrel to sort out the problem. I had the Barley twist barrel re-crowned and it's once again spot on . I suspect that the age of the rifle coupled with a very intensive barrel cleaning regime damaged the crown over the years. Obviously this shouldn't apply for a newer rifle.

Connor has covered it with an earlier post of trying different pellets and batches . i recently purchased 2 different batches of JSB 4,52's and although they both group well, one batch drops approx 10mm lower at 55 yards than the other batch...go figure

I know that it is annoyng as hell when you spend good cash and expect instant results, i had the same with a brand new Dommie that i bought which would literally switch on and then off each week with grouping. I have to admit that sometimes a Steyr can seem a little fragile and if not wrapped in silk every night will sulk at the next comp but they are a great gun and a doddle to keep shooting sweet if you know what you're doing.

Edit... just been thinking...yeh, i know .

When i had barrel problems i got a new 55cm barrel from Steyr and popped it straight onto the rifle with instant very tight groups proving that my poor groups were indeed the barrel. I ddin't pull through the new barrel, only shot half a dozen felts through it. Maybe there was a bad batch of barrels/finishing?
Originally Posted by fireblade View Post
the barrel problem only rears its head after the first 400 pellets or so, until then its mega, then it goes off, like someone has thrown a switch.
Yes, again my experience new barrel is stunning for 300+ then it goes walkabout! but it is coming back slowly.

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