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Originally Posted by Jinx View Post
What ever happened to the more you pay the better a product you get guys ?
I would have thought at the price of an Lg they would be the dogs *******
Seems not though ??
I know of one chap at Kibworth who shoots his Steyr each week but hasn't touched it in 4 years

Originally Posted by Alan Chambers View Post
My Lg110 is about 2.5 yrs old now , have never stuck to any cleaning regime(if I'm bored I'll clean it ) I have had no problems in all that time ....hope it stays like that ....when I'm not shooting well I see a few go high right to 1 o'clock but know its me when that happens .....using jsb express in mine and have since day one never tried anything else as they seem to go where you point them !
The odd flyer at 1 o clock is a sign of my rifle not liking a certain pellet or that the barrel really does need a good clean. For me Travelling to comps, flyers are not acceptable i'm afraid as one missed target can make all the difference. In fact you would be amazed how many series comps come down to one missed target. This years NEFTA HFT was won with a single target margin.
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