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Default Howdo .

Originally Posted by markm View Post
I now have a EV2 mk4 and a BSA 10x 50 x 60 scope
The scope came with a pair of mounts but they are very low and after watching and talking to a few people at Emley today I became aware that a lot of shooters have high rise blocks and rails on there guns.
I understand that this has the effect of flattening the trajectory of the pellet at longer ranges i:e not having to add as many clicks on to the top turret and also making it easier to see through the scope.

As a beginner would it be better to lift the scope up or just get on with it as it is

Is there a ideal height from the centre of the barrel to centre of the scope if I decide to fit risers and a rail

Also does the EV2 have slope built into its standard block (I don't really understand this as I thought the scope would have to be parallel with the barrel

Any advice greatly appreciated

Howdo , a good starting point is three and a half inches with a Big Bsa . ( like of flight to line of sight ) get much above that and you will need adjustable mounts . But you will have to get your close ones well sorted . or the advantage will be lost ??? HOLLY
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