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Originally Posted by AIRFIX GILLY View Post
Are you going on tour again Tool?
Looking at a Tour ..........................

Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
Dave I guess you and Scott will be ranked about 120 and 121,since neither of you attended the euros to qualifie for the euros.
I didn't go this year because strong rumours all the trees had been cut down ?! Or was that last year ?!

Originally Posted by DaveRobinson View Post
So me n scott can goto the euros this year but cant go to the euros this year beacause we didnt go to the euros last year
Which Euro's do I have to shoot to qualify for which Euro's ?

Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
or you could shoot a club shoot at Castle
That weekend is free in my diary, I was booked in for Operation Joiners Thumb at Skegvegas details on link if anyone's interested
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