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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
A brand new Steyr barrel needs to be shot in. This is and can be a lengthy process involving scrubbing out the barrel frequently, it has taken my barrel 5,000 shots involving cleaning every couple of hundred shots.
In the early days patches from the pull throughs were usually very, very dirty and took anything up to 12 patches.

Now I can clean after every tin and usually only takes 4 patches.
As stated previously I think it has something to do with the internal plating which comes off, until this has been removed, the regime is painfully boring.
I agree this is almost exactly my finding, I am still on 8-12 pull throughs after 2,500 pellets, but it is worth doing.

F1 needs care and attention, I see this gun in that light.

Conor I hope it does improve after 5,000 that would be a bonus
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