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Answers in RED

Originally Posted by piotrga View Post
Ta Lloyd! I am glad you find it useful.

I am wondering what's the next feature you guys would like to see.
More scores showing 100% for me
- Side by side shooter comparison
Yeah compare me with Brendan

Or maybe Vanty
- more event stats mean, max score some grade of hardness,etc.
- more shooter stats: month/3m/6m avg. improvement rate(1st derivative of scores), consistency(measure of a champion), personal best, this season best, etc.
Maybe break down the shooting events stats for example National, Regional, Night series
- add my score button if someone wants to report their score if it isn't on **********
- graphic design to make it look like a shooting website

Any other ideas?
At the end of the day its a great idea, just depends how much time you can put into it as your the only one maintaining it.
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