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Originally Posted by Cosford View Post
hi the format will not have major changes mainly clarification of existing rules. here are the first notes

1. stocks the only type allowed in the main class will be FACTORY STANDARD so custom stock will fall into the target class,

(1) This below was/has been the rule regarding stocks and seemed pretty logical to me!

*A target rifle will be deemed as any rifle that as an adjustable butt, cheek piece or hamster. HOWEVER - If you have a sporting rifle with an adjustable cheek piece, move it to the closed position, same with the adjustable butt pad, put it in the middle. If you have fitted a hamster, remove it. You may now shoot in the SAR class.

2. shooting positions . there are no fixed positional lanes you may use any SAFE shooting position BETWEEN the marker cones, you have to find the shooting position if there are trees/logs at the firing line you can use them for stability as long as the muzzle is over the firing line and the trigger is behind it

(3) are there to be no compulsory positionals, is that what you mean???

3. this is not FT or HFT so please do not compare it to them.

(3) spot on!

4. Saturday 25th Jan 2014 . open day at Cosford to clear-up any questions about format.
Hopefully I can get to that
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