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Originally Posted by stillwater View Post
I shot a couple of the rounds last year and people where using the cones/stakes that where put in to mark out the lanes.
It wasn't possible on all shots as on some you couldn't see the kill from the cone.
I also saw people shooting with their mats folded up to give themselves extra height so that they could take the shot from a prone position without going on their elbows.
This was something that I didn't think was fair, as it gave them an advantage over someone not using a mat or using the mat correctly.
I did mention this at the Greyhound and was told that it had Been going on all season and was being done by experienced shooters that where doing extremely well in the series
I never saw any of that Greg mate, if that's true and I don't doubt your word for one minute and like you say they were experienced shooters then it wasn't a mistake. They were flat out cheating! I've said it before I am in favour of a rule that prone shots MUST be taken off the elbows, the rifle MUST be shouldered and NO part of the rifle shall be touching/resting upon the ground.

You'll always get some that will cheat mate , no matter what you do!

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